Each Goldsmiths Point-To-Point® Mattress is designed to change with your body, thanks to our highly configurable Point-To-Point® Relief System and individual pocketed coils that support your entire body, helping you enjoy the perfect night’s sleep.

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Until now, mattresses have offered a “one size fits all” approach to firmness. GOLDSMITHS is designed with our Point-To-Point® Relief System, which creates a custom fit mattress based on your individual measurement by optimally relieving pressure on your body and providing balanced support for bodies of all shapes and sizes – resulting in a truly good night’s sleep.

Point-To-Point® Relief System is precisely configured according to scientific data, including your height, weight and sleeping habits. Designed to fit the contours of your body, the system relieves pressure on your shoulders and hips, and supports your lower back for total comfort.

CoupleFit® Design creates custom-fit sleeping zones for couples who have different body shapes and needs thus providing individualized support and comfort for a tailor-made sleep experience.

Open-case® design features a flexible modular design that allows you to change your Point-To-Point® Relief combinations as your body changes thus offering the ultimate in customisable support and pressure relief distribution. Its modular design allows convenience for thorough cleaning and optimum hygiene.

Certified premium quality: Top exterior cover features high-quality materials, the finest Belgian craftsmanship, premium design, and modern styling.

The foundation, made of Individual Pocketed Coils from Leggett & Platt, offers quality and uniform support.

Top layer of Natural Latex provides superior comfort and air ventilation.

Australian Wool: Luxury natural fibres that provide comfort and assist in regulating your body temperature naturally.

No-flip design


Point-To-Point® Sleep Solution

A revolutionary breakthrough in mattress technology, the patented Point-To-Point® mattress can substantially reduce pressure at the “Over-pressured Area” thus enhancing support and relief for better sleep quality.

The Point-To-Point® Relief System can be precisely configured as it uses modules of various firmness. Changing the placement of the different modules results in a vast combination of unique configurations for every individual body structure thus providing great relief and support to the individual needs.

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