Local Delivery Service

  1. Delivery

All Hong Kong orders are shipped by DPM®, and our logistic team will contact you by phone before each shipment in order to arrange the most appropriate delivery time. Under the special situation, the goods may be shipped by Speedpost by Hong Kong Post. The order will be delivered after the payment had been made.


  1. The general delivery time:

Monday to Saturday (except Sundays and public holidays)

Delivery time: 09:00-18:00 (Monday to Saturday)

(The final delivery time is according to the shipment schedule arranged by DPM®)


  1. Delivery Charges


All orders delivery to Hong Kong are eligible for free shipping if the order amount HK$1000 or above. For orders less than HK$1000, additional HK$80 shipping charge will be applied*. Please be noted that the delivery service on PO Box or Islands District is not provided. For details, please refer to Appendix 1.


All mattress products are free for delivery.

(For the order included mattress and bedding product, shipping fee will be charged if the total amount does not exceed HKD$1000)

  1. Delivery Time

Upon receipt of your order and payment, DPM® will arrange the shipment as soon as possible.

For local order, it usually takes around 7-10 working days for an order to fully process and ready for delivery*. Mattress items require additional around 14 – 21 working days to fully process and ready for delivery. If customer need to re-schedule the delivery time, please contact us through customer service email at least 3 working days before the scheduled delivery date.

  1. Undeliverable Orders

The orders will be returned due to reasons such as unknown delivery address, PO Box or hotel address, unsuccessful delivery, reject the package etc… such package will be return to our warehouses.


For undeliverable order, customer are responsible to pick up the package at DPM® HK headquarter within 3 months. Otherwise, all goods and payment will not be returned.

Appendix 1

Special Shipment Arrangement & Surcharge

Bedding/Pillow product   

ServiceQty(s)Delivery FeeRemarks
Local Shipping*Per orderHK$80 per orderApply when local order amount below HKD$1000
Lifting product up/down the staircase chargePer productHK$50/each floor per productHKD$50/product/floor (maximum: 10 Floor)
Tsing Ma Bridge charges HK$50 (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)Free tolls for Wednesday and Saturday
Discovery Bay gate charges HK$190 (Wed and Sat) 
  HK$240 (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri; including HK$50 Tsing Ma Bridge Charge) 
  Delivery Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm 
Ma Wan Gate ChargesPer orderHK$50 
  Delivery Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm 
Storage charges HK$100 per monthFree storage for first 2 months starting from the invoice date


ServiceQty(s)Delivery FeeRemarks
Lifting product up/down the staircase chargePer piece120cm(width) or below: HK$100/floorBase on each floor per piece (Max :8 Floor)
  150cm(width) or below: HK$150/floor 
  180cm(width) or below: HK$200/floor 
Mattress hoisting chargesPer pieceHK$300/each floor per piece 
Mattress disposal chargesPer piece120cm(width) or below: HK$200 per piece 
  137cm(width) or below: HK$250 per piece 
  150cm(width) or below: HK$300 per piece 
  180cm(width) or below: HK$350 per piece 
Change of mattress chargesPer pieceHK$200 per piece 
Storage chargesPer piece10% of the original mattress price will be charged every month starting from the 3rd month.Free storage for first 2 months starting from the invoice date



1) The calculation of free shipping amount is based on the discounted payment amount.Remarks

2) For all additional charge (except local delivery HK$80 paid upon order confirmation), customer must pay it in cash upon arrival.

3) Depending on the on-site environment, customer may need to pay additional charge for the extra services provided.

4) Customer is required to pay for the additional fee HK$50/each floor for each piece if the delivery address cannot be reached by lift. (4 steps or above of stairs to reach the lift will considered as one floor.)

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