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This revolutionary breakthrough in mattress-selection technology deviates from the traditional method based purely on feel.

At DPM®, we believe that the perfect mattress and pillow can only be developed after years of research and testing. During the course of our product development, we consulted osteopaths, chiropractors and physical therapists to create a design with emphasis on comfort and health. Today, we redefine the concept of "healthy sleep" with our commitment to 100% custom-fitted comfort.

In October, 2018, Prof. Grace Pui Yuk SZETO, who has been Tung Wah college Professor (Physiotherapy) and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Professor of Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, for the past 20 years, presented her pilot study at the Sleep DownUnder Annual Scientific Meeting, titled “Can changing the mattress and pillow have an effect on the spinal muscle activity and sleeping efficiency in people with chronic neck and back pain?”.

The study examined how spinal muscle activity is affected by sleeping on a specially designed mattress. (Point-to-Point®, DPM Sleep Solution Ltd.) Sleep efficiency and subjective pain score were also evaluated before and after the trial.

After a two week trial, the results showed that the spinal muscle activity was reduced in both the neck and back regions when the participants laid on a Point-to-Point mattress. It is a new approach in the management of musculoskeletal disorders to improve sleep quality.

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