The Point-To-Point®  mattress is comprised of multiple units of different firmness which can be configured for your body to the nearest inch by placing the softer units directly under your hips and shoulders. The result? A perfect’s night sleep.


Point-To-Point® Relief System

The Core Technology Embedded In The Mattress

The Point-To-Point® Relief System, EU and US invention patent, can be precisely configured to fit your height, weight and sleeping position to provide ultimate comfort where you want it and perfect support where you need it.

The Point-to-Point® Relief System can be precisely configured, as it uses materials of various firmness, resulting in a vast combination of configurations that can cater to the individual body structure of every user. These configurations create numerous relief and support functions that cater to the individual needs and size changes by moving or replacing the Point-to-Point relief modules.

Point-To-Point® Sensor

Understands Your Needs And Wants

The DPM™ advanced “Point-To-Point® Sensor”, can quickly detect your body pressure distribution while you sleep by using an objective and comprehensive analysis of the scientific data which shows the support and pressure points of your body as well as your personal sleep behaviour, and determines the perfect mattress comfort index for you.

The DPM™ Relief System is based on science and gives you a custom-fitted Point-To-Point® mattress that knows you better than you know yourself.

Soft, Medium or Firm?

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