Excellent Service and Gracious Assistance

Professional and friendly service from their Leighton Road shop. Many thanks to Mat, Calvin and Raymond who assisted with our purchase! Also a huge shoutout to Angela at their SOGO TST branch, who introduced us to this brand!


Better Sleep and Great Service

My husband and I bought the DPM bed and bedframe a few months ago but kept our expensive pillows (from another brand). After several weeks, we discovered that our necks & shoulders were still giving us problems. We then went to purchase two DPM Pro Pillows and we are now sleeping like babies. I also like to mention that the assistant manager was great & spent a lot of time helping us pick out the best fits for us

C. Chan

Exceptional After-Sales Service

Wonderful after sales service in causeway bay, patience and clear explanation. Very helpful!

Zephyr Cho

A customizable sleeping need for everyone

Always had sleeping issue and been going to fix my neck with Sinseh due to sleeping posture. The adjustable pillow is perfect as it nicely allow my head and neck fit based on body type. A customisable sleeping need for everyone!

Brendan Seah

Love that it's customizable

Love that the two halves of DPM mattress can be configured separately based on our individual needs. The best part of our mattress buying experience is having Sharilyn and her colleague attending to us, explaining the various configurations and making us feel comfortable as we tested the bed. Thanks for the great service!

Sherelynn Lim

Impressed by the customer service!

Unlike conventional mattresses which goes by 'which feel is good for you', DPM mattresses uses a scientific approach to show the effects of a good bed on your back. Consultant Sharilyn at the Heeren branch not only gave us a very comprehensive introduction to the DPM mattress but also a personalized analysis & recommendations for our neck/back problems. Patient & friendly, she even gave us price saving tips, i.e. Robinsons Black Friday Sale. Very impressed by her customer service!

Ho Simin

Kind of fixed my backache!

It kind of fixed my backaches. I'm a side sleeper and always have a hand in my pillow, so usually I will wake up with a numb hand and some neck aches. DPM pillow did help as it is high enough, I don't need to tuck my hand under. It really takes a while to get used to it as it is a not a common gradient pillow! I'm loving it now as it gives the the plush I like and the high sides for my side sleeping!

Shuxian Wang

The importance of a complementing pillow.

While my wife and I were shopping for a bed for our new place, I had the opportunity to meet Consultant Jeffrey at JEM a few weeks ago. Instead of being asked to try all the beds at Robinsons, he took some of our measurements and made some recommendations that initially didn't mean much. However, after customizing a certain portions of the mattress, we were astonished to feel the difference a customized bed can offer. He didn't end with explaining about the mattress, he went further to explain the importance of a complementing pillow. By this time, we looked no further and wanted him to take our money for the bed and pillow that he has customized. There's finally another thing to look forward to at home now.

Garrick Davis Gan

A definite must try and investment!

Personally i've been using their pillow for awhile myself and super pleased! It's like a slice of deep heaven. Brought my dad to have his customized. My old pillow gave me tons of neck and shoulder issues coupled with poor sleep quality. Viola made-to-measure pillows with ergonomic features to the rescue! Perfect for both side and back sleeping postures. They can do it for mattress as well! A definite must try and investment!


The custom made pillows are really something to scream about.

Am thankful that I found a pillow that can finally take care of my sleeplessness and pain. Thank you for the wonderful service, Phillip & Jeffrey. Keep on the amazing work, matching dream pillow to different people of different needs. The custom made pillows are really something to scream about.

Purp T

These customisable pillows have helped me manage my patient’s problems.

As a UK registered Osteopath of 29 years, I have been impressed with (former ECO pillow) DPM Customisable Pillow since 2002 when I was able to recommend specific heights for my patients when they lie facing up and sideline giving them the correct support for their spine. Supporting the curvature of the spine reduces their discomfort giving them greater comfort during sleep. These customisable pillows have helped me manage my patient’s problems.

Mr Joselito dela Cruz BSc. MSc. Ost UK


Impressed user of the technology they used to measure your personal requirement for a good fit pillow (for good sleep). Pillow to the rescue I must say! In 2020, we chanced upon them at Suntec Expo before covid19 but we were not ready for a huge investment in pillows then. (at least not on the priority list then) Come 2021, some issues arise.. decided to look for a proper one to solve and correct some issues. We believe that a good sleep is good energy for a long day ahead! After much search (couldnt recall its name), we finally found DPM HOME Singapore FB account and we made appointment with Jeffery who's extremely friendly and customer oriented. Having used them (point to point pillow) for months now, every night is a good sleep.

Jean Natasha

No more neck or shoulder pain!

Had been using the dpm pillow for a while and it had been really good for my shoulder. Did not have anymore shoulder or neck pain. Really good!

Del Oo

Very Comfortable!

I bought the DPM Pro Soft Pillow about 2 weeks ago. As a start, it was quite uncomfortable for me for the first two night. You need to adapt and adjust to the new pillow where the shape and level of comfort is kind of different from the norm. It is a customised pillow where you can adjust the height and comes with a removable pad in the centre of the pillow to suit your needs. I removed the pad for a better neck support. You will have to go through the a simple screening test by DPM where the application is able to advise you the type of pillow you need such as the height and the texture of the pillow. It was through this test that convinced me to buy a customised pillow to improve my sleeping posture for my neck and head. It works well for me after 2 days and also I feel that my neck posture has further improve. The pricing of the pillow is reasonable too.

Zitian Fu

Solved my problems!

I have both their pillow and mattress. Together they solved my years long neck and backache. Kudos

Toto Ong

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